Spring is a-coming!

September 2010 Day Night Thriller

Entered with Jane  – another Leeds Lass and indeed that was our team name ( the Leeds Lasses) just did the 6 hour race  and came 3rd in our category (teams with 2 or 3 riders)  Lachlan was competing in the 12 hour race and his team came 1st  – another gold to add to the collection!  11 pm, pouring rain, gusting wind and we were driving south to Ohakune so that Lachlan could meet up with the Hillcrest Ski Team for the North Island Champs.  Sunday dawned windy but bright and I was tempted to stay and ski but the wind meant that the lifts were closed so my decision was made for me. Into the car and head north.  An unusual situation – all alone, a new camera to try out and I realised that I could stop whenever I wanted to take photos.  The light wasn’t always great and  there was plenty of water around, both falling from the sky and already on the ground!  But the weather improved as I headed north to Hamilton and by the time I stopped in Te Kuiti for lunch – its worth calling in at Boscos, excellent food and a good cup of coffee – the sun was shining and I stretched my legs in the park behind the cafe. The spring lambs were bouncing around, skittish and playful, and the magnolia blossoms were so beautiful that I got a bit carried away!  The light and shadow on the green rolling  landscape just past the Big Apple was stunning and I had to stop and try to capture it.  Then as I drove over the bridge on the way into Otorohanga the sight of the submerged trees in the river bed made me pull over again.  By the time I reached Hamilton the sun was shining and ther was definitely Spring in the air.


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